6 Best Charities that Donate School Supplies

Most of us are aware of the importance of education in current society. Is it? Education is the basic factor in building a brighter generation for each nation. However, I realized that many of the students have been striving to get a better education due to the lack of essential supplies. Why don’t we gather to provide enough basic needs for their education?  And what can we do for them?

Of course, there is a great space to help them. Proudly, I can tell you that there are several charity organizations and people who are ready to donate supplies for such students. And I can introduce those few organizations about their valuable activities and service schemes through this article. Also, I recently shared some fundraising ideas for schools, such as Art fundraising and Popcorn fundraising, so take a look at them.

Best Charities that Donate School Supplies

Besides, we can also be a part of their charity by making valuable donations to the schools and students. How can we join with them? So, read the article; I listed some Charities that Donate to School Supplies.


Best Charities that Donate School Supplies

As per the collaborative efforts of some humanitarians, the school supplies have been providing each eligible student by their charity organizations. The best charities include First Book, Donor Choose, Volunteers of America, Pencils of Promise, Kids in Need Foundation, and Crayon to Computer, which donates school supplies.  Let us understand each charity in detail.



Since 1992, FirstBook has been entitled to provide 225 million high-quality and latest books and educational supplies to over 5 million students from low-income communities in the United States of America and Canada. And their efforts to remove the barriers to education for families from low-income communities are helpful in building the best future. They could transform the classroom environment by contributing diverse books and removing the barriers of several families to equitable education. Their energetic network has been prosperous due to the presence of professionals, volunteers, and individual educators. There are 575,000 members supporting low-income children between 0 and 18 years old in need across the country.

FirstBook has an entitled 24 hours of the network that covers allocating free and low-cost books and resources by FirstBook Marketplaces. They have engaged in their services with several models of changes like Educator Network, Marketplace, Research & Insights, and Accelerator. And I can promise you that First Book’s influence in assuring the best education for struggling families will be a great way to obtain even better lives for each child.

Link: FirstBook 



DonorChoose is my better option than donating school supplies. I am happy to see their incredible support for teachers and students by allocating books, technology, crayons, and cleaning supplies. DonorChoose started its supporting journey in the year 2000 by providing the best education with its tools and experiences for every community. They could connect the public to public school teachers to ensure the brightening education for kids from every community. Their classroom projects have spread over 2 million students, providing a diversity of books.   They work as finding the classroom projects, collecting all requests, and transferring the materials directly to verified teachers.

Currently, 88 % of public schools are part of DonorChoose, 90,427 schools are engaged here, and there are 6,075,264 citizen donors to hold the students and teachers. Each teacher gets the inspiration to stay in their profession with high satisfaction from DonorChoose.  I am impressed by their extraordinary service to energize each classroom and boost students’ achievements.

Link: DonorChoose 


Volunteers of America 

I wonder why Volunteers of America established comprehensive human services in 1896. And they have been serving 1.5 million and more people each year. They could provide several opportunities for many people: 400 communities, 46 states, and the District of Columbia.

Volunteers of America engaged in different kinds of humanitarian services such as Operation Backpack, early educational programs,  behavioral mental health, services for children, youth, and families, affordable housing, community outreach and investment, services for older adults, etc.  I was thrilled to see their new services for children, such as Operation Backpack and child care services. Volunteers of America have been engaged in before and after-school programs, mentoring, and summer camps for each school-aged child.


Pencils of Promise 

Pencils of Promise empowers every community with perfect education. Due to their promise to provide quality education, more than 252,000 students receive their service. Pencils of Promise engaged in several programs such as teacher support, water, sanitization, hygiene, and school builds. Currently, there are more than 20,000 teachers in coaching sessions with dynamic materials and their teacher support programs. Through the support program for teachers, PoP handles teaching methods like child-centered learning, digital learning, and social-emotional learning.

There will also be fully trained and supported teachers to ensure a better learning atmosphere. In their program of school builds, they have been building classrooms in partnership with several communities and the public school systems. Currently, there are more than 600 classroom blocks and 131,000 more students enrolled. So, I think Pencils of Promise will be a better option for your donation to serve and brighten the future of many students.

Link: Pencils of Promise


Kids in Need Foundation

Kids in Need Foundation is a better nonprofit organization that provides an equitable learning environment for students and teachers. They energize the teachers and students to be innovative and better. Their incredible service reaches under-resourced teachers and students by providing the essential supplies for education. Several programs have been implemented by KINF, such as Supply a Teacher, Supply a Student, Second Responder, and National Network of Resource Center. For the students, the Kids in Need Foundation provides new backpacks filled with school supplies. This service will improve students’ confidence and participation in the classroom. KINF has been reducing the burden on teachers by providing the necessary resources in their Teacher Supply Box.

National School Lunch Program ensures 70% and more students have been enrolled with free or reduced-cost meals. KINF has become successful in distributing essential supplies and resources, providing teachers and students in underserved schools with an equitable learning space.

Link: Kids in Need Foundation 


Crayons to Computer

Since 1997, Crayons to Computer has started its service by providing the necessary tools to succeed in schools for students. Teachers will be the most inspiring members of Crayons to Computer, and their influence in supporting their students will be a crucial matter in ensuring better education. The students suffering from poverty have been eligible to receive significant services from Crayons to Computer.

There are several programs that have been implemented by the team of Crayons to Computer, such as the Teacher Resource Center, Online Ordering for Pickup, Crafts with Conviction, Preschool Program, Keep our Kids Warm, and Hubbard’s Cupboard. 94% of teachers spend particular amounts of money from their pockets to ensure tools are available in their classrooms.

Link: Crayons to Computer  



Now, would you like to be a part of the charities? I was impressed that these charity organizations could be pillars of serving the students and families who were low-income and struggling to ensure quality education for their kids. Let us make ourselves donors to nonprofit organizations such as First Book, Donor Choose, Volunteers of America, Pencils of Promise, Kids in Need Foundation, and Crayon to Computer to provide them with the essential supplies to ensure their bright future.

Each of the organizations has been creating a quality environment for struggling students and families. We can continue to build a better generation jointly through our incredible services by providing energetic education for each eligible student with these organizations.


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