10 Big Money Fundraising Ideas From My Experience

We know that money has a significant influence on our survival. Sometimes, money can decide the existence of our lives. Is it? Therefore, there will be several norms and structures to grab money, especially for our nonprofit organization. Big-money fundraisers must be helpful and favorable for your charity and nonprofit purpose.  The relevance of big-money fundraisers will be a crucial factor that can increase our confidence and potential to raise more funds.

10 Big Money Fundraising Ideas

How can we raise funds in the most straightforward ways? Fundraising is a significant matter to collect funds for our organizational purposes. So, better planning and efforts are essential to raise these funds. Therefore, you need to create an efficient team to work with jointly. I want to introduce some basic ways and ideas for big-money fundraisers through this article. Explore new tips to implement your big-money fundraising programs.

10 Big Successful Money Fundraising Ideas

According to my research, I could find the best big-money fundraiser ideas and tips. Now, I can share the best ten big money fundraiser ideas such as Reverse Raffle, Auctions, Fashion Show, Benefit Concert, Golf Tournaments, Virtual Challenge Event, Video Game Tournament, Gala Fundraiser, and Carnival.


Reverse Raffle

Reverse Raffle will be a fun and traditional way to raise funds, which can be done excitingly. Firstly, find out the best spot or location to conduct the Raffle. And invite the people to join the event. Then, you must fix a ticket price for the raffle event and sell the tickets to the participants.  As per the next step, your team has to choose one ticket while eradicating all other tickets. I think arranging a special prize for the winner will be better. Also, you can encourage the participants to donate and use social media to promote the event.



For me, extensive money fundraising with an auction will be a thrilling idea to raise funds for your organization. For the first step, you must arrange the best location to conduct the auction and invite your organization’s family, friends, neighbors, staff, and volunteers to participate. Then, arrange a bid amount and contact the local business owners to choose and bring the auction items. Select any artwork as the auction item. Also, to raise more funds, you can set up entry tickets to join the participants in the auction. And take the chance to seek donations from the people and local businesses. Attract more people by sharing the video of the auction through social media.


Fashion Show

The fashion show fundraiser will be a creative and entertaining idea for a big-money fundraiser.  To begin the event, you must bring up-coming young designers and models for the show.  Then, arrange the clothing and required items for a fashion show. Specify a location for the event and sell entry tickets for the visitors to raise funds. To attract a bigger audience, you must popularize the show through social media. Mobilize the attractive prizes for the winner and encourage them to donate.


Benefit Concert

The benefit concert will be another fun way to raise funds for your nonprofit. Once, I got a chance to join a benefit concert to raise funds for our organization. So, this will also be a charming way to obtain a lot of money.

Firstly, arrange a perfect venue to conduct the event and gather the local musicians and artists for the concert. Invite your friends, board members in your organization, staff, and family to participate in the event.  In my experience, there was an entry ticket that allowed me to join the concert. At the same time, you can also sell entry tickets, which can raise more funds. You can stimulate each participant and musician to donate a particular amount to your nonprofit organization.


Golf Tournaments

The golf tournament will be a captivating way to raise funds for your nonprofit organization. You can raise enough funds in this way. You can arrange the game at an apt location where you can play golf. Then, gather the necessary equipment required for the golf tournament, such as balls, tees, gloves, etc., set up a prize for the winner, and allow the entry ticket for the visitors. And arouse the participants for their specific donations and encourage them through social media.


Food Festival

The food festival is one of the delicious ways to raise funds for our nonprofit. If you want to choose this way to raise big money for your organization, you need to organize a perfect spot and atmosphere to conduct the festival.  It would help if you gathered talented cooks from your colleagues, family, or friends. And you can also contact some restaurants in your locality to introduce their food to the public. Then, invite any local chefs to find the winner and afford better prizes for the winners.

Also, arranging any system to vote the audience for their favorite dishes can help to find the winner easily.  Encourage everyone for their valuable donations and grab the extra contributions by social media promotion.


Talent Show

I like the idea of raising funds for our cause because of its entertaining nature. To conduct the show, you must gather the local artists, students, friends, family, staff, etc, to join the show. Arrange an exact place for the talent show. Showcase the artwork on the show and bring the participants to participate in the music and dance. Set up an entry fee for each visitor. And also encourage them by offering prizes and seeking donations. To reach a bigger audience, promote the show through social media.


Video Game Tournament

Video game tournaments will be a fascinating way to raise funds. Each of us has a great interest in playing video games. For this purpose, I assembled a variety of video games and gathered a talented audience ready to play the game. Fix an entry ticket with a specified amount and create the prizes for the game toppers. Ask them for their donation of video games from the tournament. To increase participation, announce the show through social media.


Gala Fundraiser

The Gala fundraiser is an exciting way for the big money fundraiser. To organize the event, we must set up a specific location suitable for a gala fundraiser and arrange several entertaining programs such as music, dance, and drama. Contact the local musicians, dancers, and actors to participate in the show. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, staff, and board members to the gala event. You can raise big money for your nonprofit by selling the entry ticket to a big audience. And seek the participation of celebrities in their donations. You can popularize the event through the social media.



I was very impressed with the carnival, which can quickly raise significant funds for our nonprofit. Carnival is the most entertaining way to collect the funds. And almost all age groups can be attracted to these events. Families can primarily ensure their participation without any doubts.

To conduct the carnivals, you must spend bulk costs, and there must be high collaboration and coordination between your team members. Also, perfect planning is required for the carnivals.  You can ask several business people, performers, vendors, and other community members to participate in the event.  You can include several games and rides for more entertainment while considering the legal permissions. Besides the games, arrange a space to sell various food and beverages. Also, you can raise funds by selling entry tickets for particular rides and games. You need to announce the carnival through social media and flyers to gather more public participation.

Additionally, you can also try Popcorn Fundraiser as well.



The ideas and tips of big-money fundraisers are much more elegant and exciting. Is it? The successive big-money fundraiser programs require harmony, and perfect planning is essential for the better collection of funds. The ten ideas mentioned above, such as Reverse Raffle, Auctions, Fashion Shows, Benefit Concerts, Golf Tournaments, Virtual Challenge Events, Video Game Tournaments, Gala Fundraisers, and Carnivals, are almost charming and enjoyable. I believe a vast dedication and creative strategies are necessary to implement each idea.  You have to build a better team to conduct the big-money fundraising ideas.

Some ideas that I mentioned above are risky and expensive to implement. Still, if you can seek adequate support from popular business groups and reputed companies, then it will be effortless to implement.  Also, you can choose simple ideas that are easier to direct.  So, get ready to conduct significant money fundraising events with the help of my valuable information through this article.


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