How to Raise Money for Someone in Need (Without Their Knowledge)

Are you going to raise money for someone without them knowing?  If yes, you must realize the significant facts about such a fundraising method. Honestly, it is a rigorous matter to raise funds for someone without their knowledge. In reality, there are many people who have been struggling for their survival. I know that we can’t get consolation without doing something for them. Perhaps our benevolent approach will be essential in providing the required finance, whether they are your friend, family, or colleague.

We need to help those wrecked people who have been seeking relief from their shattering situation. Whatever it is, it requires a perfect strategy and planning to accomplish this kind of fundraising.  Moreover, it is necessary to maintain morale in fundraising for someone without their knowledge. In this case, you have to consider their privacy while raising enough funds for someone without their knowledge.

Anyway, as per the complication, your exertion and collaboration are important for implementing it.  I could collect significant information regarding how to raise money for someone without them knowing.  Let us raise money for someone without them knowing with the help of this article. Also, do you want to know what to wear to a Fundraising Event, here is my guide to making a stylish and appropriate impression.

How to Raise Money for Someone in need

How to Raise Money for Someone Without Them Knowing

It is crucial to identify the vital procedures to raise funds for someone without their knowledge. Understand the exact process to raise the money for someone without them knowing from below. There are six important steps involved in the process of fundraising: Understanding the Need, Finding the Target Groups, Determining a Fundraising Strategy, Raising Funds for someone without their knowledge, Considering the Legal Terms, and Contributing the Funds.

  1. Understanding the Need

According to the first step of this fundraising process, you have to understand the reason for the needs of the person seeking finance. The needs can include educational finance, rent, and medical emergencies. If you could find a struggling person who might be close to you or your family, friend, colleague, etc., you have to collect the clear details of their financial crisis and understand how much is required of them.

To collect the information, your gracious approach towards the person is essential. You have to ask them about their circumstances and issues. Also, you can give them a little hope of survival by procuring their acceptance to open their needs and problems towards you. Whether they shared information regarding their issues, you have to provide them with confidence without informing them about the fundraising.

Firstly, to understand their situation, you must seek their permission to ask questions about their circumstances. Moreover, assurance regarding the comfort of the person is essential while you discuss. Don’t be stimulating them if they are uninterested in discussing their struggling situation with you. After understanding the needs and details of the person, record the details such as their needs and required amount.


  1. Find the Target Groups

Finding the target group to collect the funds for your fundraising event is the second major step. Radically, your fundraising activity needed the involvement of the target group to donate to your cause. You can find the target groups on social media or in your community organization.

Who can be involved in your target audience? It might be your next doubt. Is it? Anyway, the target group or audience can be medical students if the person is needed for educational finance or for the medical bill.

Also, you can choose the commons in your community as the target group. Whatever it is, consider the major thing that the target groups must comprehend the charity lovers. Conducting research will be the best option to capture the best target group for our fundraiser.

Besides the research, you have to inspect the target group and confirm they can imbibe the issues or needs. Then, gather everyone to host the fundraising event following all legal terms and rules. Also, encourage them to make enough donations.


  1. Determine a Fundraising Strategy

If you can find a target group, determining a fundraising strategy will be the next stage of your fundraiser. So, create an effective fundraising strategy to ensure the successive fundraiser for your cause. That means whether there is a proper strategy, it can lead and guide your fundraising activities. Therefore, an excellent fundraising strategy is essential to host the fundraiser.

However, you have to construct a strategy comprising the major ideas and objectives to establish your plan. And insert the elementary time schedule and formats of your fundraising effort into those fundraising strategies. Also, you have to provide a detailed description of the purpose of your fundraiser, which can convince donors to contribute their funds. To consider the privacy of the individual who needs the funds, you don’t have to disclose the person’s information to the donors or audience.

Otherwise, you can promote your fundraiser and target audience through social media and flyers. It will help you to capture more donors for your cause. Also, this will be an opportunity to raise awareness about your fundraising activities.


  1. Raising Funds for Someone Without Them Knowing

Raising funds for someone without the person’s knowledge will be a significant and sensitive matter in your fundraising effort. As per the next step, you need to implement determined plans and strategies for fundraising.

Accordingly, a third party is required to accept the collected funds through your fundraiser.  For this purpose, you have to find a genuine and trusted third party who can be the friend or family of the person.  Suppose you could find a trusted third party; the amount must be transferred to the individual by the third party.

Most importantly, raising funds for someone without their knowledge is an intriguing process until you arrive at the target. So, follow ethics in your fundraising path, and excellent control and supervision are compulsory up to the end of your fundraising activities.

Also, it is necessary that to conform, the individual has the pleasure to accept the collected funds. Suppose they are not ready to accept the fund. In that case, you can donate the funds to any charitable organization, or you can choose any others who need the finances in a critical situation.


  1. Considering the Legal Terms

Considering the legal terms must be a crucial and compulsory matter in raising money for someone without their knowledge. You must follow all the rules and regulations in this kind of fundraising process. Generally, we must consider the individual’s acceptance of raising funds for them. However, we don’t have to inform them regarding your fundraising effort because it might make a cranny about the person’s prestige while they are requisite or accepting of the finance.

So, enormous observation and analysis are needed to conduct your fundraiser. If the persons are entitled to accept the fund, you must seek a professional lawyer’s assistance to process your fundraiser further.  Then, be aware of the tax-deductible laws and the legal requirements or documents to assert the tax deduction.

You must also provide the exact documents and update the details about the collected funds to the donors. Your fundraising team is responsible for informing the donors of the legal terms and conditions.


  1. Contribute the Funds

Finally, let us turn to contributing to the fund. Suppose you collect a target amount for the person who needs it; the final and significant process is to safely deliver the funds to them. According to the size or amount of the fund, you have to choose a secure fund transfer method like check, online payment, or bank transfer.

A trusted and intimate third party needs to be responsible for delivering the funds to the deserving person. Proper and efficient accounts and documents must be prepared as proof before contributing the funds to the right person.

Moreover, you have to ensure that the person is comfortable and accepts the funds from your fundraising effort. Also, the major instructions to the third party are to insert hope and confidence into the person’s mind by convincing them to accept the funds. Finally, your team has to ensure the success of your fundraising activity so that you can efficiently contribute enough funds to the struggling person.



Raising funds for someone without their knowing it is a challenging matter. So, your great attention and effort are essential to access the fundraising activities effectively. For the successive implementation of this fundraising, you must follow the procedure mentioned above, such as understanding the need, finding the target groups, determining a fundraising strategy, raising funds, considering the legal terms, and contributing to the funds.

Likewise, follow all essential steps to ensure the success of your fundraiser. You must also consider all legal terms and norms for secure fundraising. Beyond this, your kind approach towards the person is also vital in your fundraising effort. Ethically, you must move on without harassing their privacy and provide awareness to the target audience or donors to keep the person’s privacy.

It would be great if you could support the person who seeks relief from his terrible circumstances. So, our collective efforts and donations greatly value their lives. If we can hold their hands and ensure hope by delivering enough funds to them, it would be the most fabulous feeling in the world for you.


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