Meet Jenny John

Empowering Lives Through Acts of Kindness
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Hi, It’s Me Jenny John

Hi! I am Jenny John. I’m the elder daughter of my four-member Christian family, which includes my parents, John, Lilly John, and my cute little sister Jewel John.

Since childhood, I have seen my Dad involved in many philanthropic activities as a professor. And he was always keen on helping those in need, especially the poor. Because of my family, I learned how fulfilling it feels to give back through charity. Also, I joined in on most of the charity work that was held at our church. It’s amazing how satisfied you feel when you help others, and that’s what really gets me excited about charity.

Back in school, I had this memorable day with orphans that really made me think about how helping others can bring happiness. That day was an eye-opener for me. My family’s Christian beliefs also played a big role in shaping how I view charity, teaching me about different ways to help and how fundraising works. I realized and wondered how thousands of orphans survive through benevolent persons. It was the moment when I felt proud of my parents and priests in our church. Besides, the extra satisfaction was indefinable when I saw the smiles of those wrecked guys after sharing food and clothes with them.

I really love getting involved in charity work, and it’s helped me understand all the different aspects of it. This interest has also made me pretty good at writing about charity activities. It’s great to see that people appreciate my original ideas and find them useful, especially when it comes to fundraising. I’ve learned a lot through my own experiences, and I’m happy to share that knowledge with others. If you’re looking for fundraising ideas, I’ve got plenty to offer. I’m here to help out and support those in need through the power of fundraising.   

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