35 Fun Things to Sell for Your Fundraiser

 All of us like fun very much. Is it? Then why don’t you choose some fun things to sell for your fundraiser? Each fun product will create an attractive atmosphere for your fundraising event. Your nonprofit organization, school, sports team, or whatever it is requires funds to actuate its activities. Anyway, you can explore your fundraiser with funny things. However, you do not consider the age groups when selecting the products to sell for the fundraiser. So, you must find exceptional and fun products or things to sell.

As usual, fundraising is only silly once you can raise funds for your cause. People will always seek uniqueness in everything, and even fundraising success can depend upon the people’s/audience’s attitude toward your fundraising ideas and methods. Here are 35 fun things that I explained clearly throughout this article for your fundraiser. Also, read our 10 Big Money Fundraising Ideas to raise more funds for your nonprofit organization.

Fun Things to Sell for Your Fundraiser

Exciting Items to Sell at Fundraiser

Using fun things to sell at Fundraisers always provides the leading outcome. Let me introduce you to the best and most fun things to sell at Fundraisers.

  1. Plant-a-Tree Initiative

Cultivating or planting might be exciting for all age groups, especially students and youngsters, who can gain various experiences. So, use the seeds and saplings as the product to sell for your fundraiser.

  1. Gourmet Popcorn

Selling popcorn at your fundraiser will be a delicious way to raise funds for your cause. To make it faster, temporarily rent a popcorn machine. You could also choose different flavors for each gourmet popcorn packet, such as sweet, salty, cheese, caramel, etc.

  1. Edible Art

With the help of local bakers and designers, you can create unique designs for customized treats, cakes, and cookies.

  1. Doughnuts

If you know any talented doughnut makers, it would be great if you could sell homemade doughnuts at your fundraiser. This would help raise the funds more efficiently.

  1. Pet Accessories

Selling custom pet accessories can attract everyone who loves pets. You may include toys, pet leashes, and collars as the product to sell for your causes.

  1. Guided Nature Walks

Nature walks aim to increase supporters’ or participants’ affection for the local ecosystem. With guided nature walks, you can encourage them by providing environmental awareness. Offer cards or tags for the participants designed with the logo of your organization, club, or school, and sell them at a reasonable price.

  1. Chocolate Bars

Of course, chocolate bars will be the yummy thing that can quickly raise the funds for your cause.    Choose the different flavored chocolate bars and sell them at a lower price.

  1. Crossword Puzzles

Creating crosswords and personalized puzzles is a great way to attract participants and quickly collect funds. Make a crossword puzzle with clues and hints regarding your organization or clubs.

  1. Laptop Sleeves

Most of us have laptops, and we carry them very carefully. So, laptop sleeves can protect your laptops from damage. You can sell the sleeves in different colors and patterns to raise awareness of the importance of laptop sleeves for supporters or participants of your fundraiser.

  1. Handcrafted Jewelry

Selling handcrafted or homemade jewelry at genuine prices will raise funds for your cause considerably. A variety of jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, can be sold easily. But you have to bring in talented handcrafted jewelry workers and gather their works to sell.

  1. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are essential for every coffee lover. Customize coffee mugs by adding different designs and logos of your organization or clubs. Use a variety of colors in those mugs.

  1. Personalized Voice Messages

If you have contacts with local voice actors and celebrities, you will have an awesome chance to attract more people to your fundraiser. For this purpose, you must create and share personalized voice messages that have already been recorded by the celebrities.

  1. Custom Temporary Tattoos 

This method must suit each tattoo lover. Arrange for a talented tattoo artist to design several temporary tattoos with inspiring images, logos, and symbols of your organization or your cause.

  1. Painting/Artworks 

Unique paintings are always in demand, and passionate painting lovers seek the better ones everywhere. This will be an opportunity for talented artists to disclose their artwork and talents.

  1. Flowers

Beautiful flowers can refresh our minds. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could sell fresh flowers during your fundraiser? You could also sell seeds, bouquets, and flower bulbs.

  1. Key chains

Firstly, collect the unique and attractive designed key chains. Usually, key chains are always required items that you can easily and safely carry your important keys to your house, vehicles, and shops.

  1. Song Commissions

Music is our favorite thing. So, you need to gather the local musicians to make personalized lyrics regarding your causes and a rare song with unique or your favorite tunes.

  1. Bespoke Board Games

If you have any good contact with some game designers, gather them to create your own board game. The content of the game should relate to your causes.

  1. Phone Cases

Mobile phones are a significant thing that we all carry in our daily lives. And we are concerned about the safety of our phones. Phone cases can protect our favorite phones from damage. So, bring the phone cases to different categories and design the logos and images related to your cause. Then sell it at a cheaper rate.

  1. Wall Art

Wall arts always give us extra satisfaction. There is a high scope for these wall arts in our society. So, you have to bring some local artists to do the wall art. You can hang the artwork on your organization, school, or fundraising venue and sell it at a reasonable price.

  1. Movie Night

Watching movies is entertaining for most of us. Jointly, your team has to decide and find a proper or family-friendly movie to show during your fundraiser. You have to screen your favorite and the latest hit movie by selling tickets among your participants or staff, colleagues, parents, and students.

  1. Hats

Hats are everyone’s favorite, and most of us wear them in winter. So, they can be a necessary item. Provide clear awareness to the supporters regarding the advantages of wearing hats. You can sell hats with unique designs related to your causes.

  1. Storybooks

If you are a parent of school students, storybooks will be a better choice for developing their reading skills and knowledge. So, gather the most elegant and famous storybooks and sell them at a genuine price.

  1. Sweatpants

Gather the sweatpants in various colors and provide designs or images for your fundraiser or cause.

  1. Recipe Book

Cooking lovers will always seek better recipes. So, recipe books must be a better opportunity for them. You have to create a few recipe books that include several recipes for various dishes.

  1. Tote Bags

Tote bags are an essential product for everyone. They are eco-friendly and can be easily carried outside. You can choose tote bags in different colors and add any images or logos related to your organization.

  1. Candles

Candles are valuable when they stay in our prayer hall. They have many uses in our daily lives. Selling candles is easier; if you can customize them with different colors and designs, it will be more attractive for participants.

  1. Tablet Sleeves

Most of us have tablets, and we care for them very well. To protect our tablets from damage, we can use tablet sleeves. Because of their importance, you can sell the sleeves quickly at a cheaper rate. You can personalize the sleeves by designing your logo or images related to your cause.

  1. Dog Tags

Dog tags or informative tags are used widely nowadays. You can bring the tags with several designs and personalize them by adding our names.

  1. Golf Balls

Why don’t you sell a sports item during your fundraiser? A golf ball is the best option if you want to sell a sport-themed product. Collect the golf balls from any shops at a lower price and sell them.

  1. Custom T-shirts

T-shirts are everybody’s favorite wear. Is it? All age groups, without any gender difference, wear T-shirts with too much comfort. Customized T-shirts are the best product to sell at your fundraiser. You can bring several T-shirts in different colors and design logos, quotes, or images related to your business or organization.

  1. Virtual Reality Tours

Deciding on a virtual reality tour will ensure you a different experience. Choose a particular and entertaining location suitable for all your team members.

  1. Wallet Stands

Wallet stands are useful products for safely stacking wallets. Selling wallet stands will be an easy way to raise funds for your causes.

  1. Pizza  

Pizza is a delicious food that can soothe your appetite. You can sell tasty pizzas that are enough for your fundraiser if you have pizza makers in your contacts. You can sell your own pizza at a lower price. Otherwise, if you don’t have pizza experts on your team, you can order a particular number of pizzas from a better bakery and sell them during your fundraiser.

  1. Colouring Books

If you have children or students in your family, you can arrange or create a coloring book by including several images, such as fruits, vegetables, vehicles, animals, birds, and flowers. You can also personalize it by adding logos and photos of your business or organization. Sell it at a genuine price.



Finally, could you capture the best thing from above? People will always seek fascinating and more accessible things for a better life. Therefore, in the case of our fundraiser, we must consider and choose the exquisite and the facile things to capture more attendance of supporters. And the products should be used in our daily lives.

Beyond these, you must build a better team to coordinate and effectively direct your fundraiser. The 35 fun things to sell your fundraiser such as Plant-a-Tree Initiative, Gourmet Popcorn, Edible Art, Doughnuts, Pet Accessories, Guided Nature Walks, Chocolate Bars, Laptop Sleeves, Coloring Books, Recipe Books, Story Books, Pizza, Wallet Stands, Dog Tags, etc. Make your fundraiser more beautiful with any one of those ideas.

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